Qamilio: smart connecting app

Like a double agent: it’s friendly, easy-going, liked by all… but under this approachable look Qamilio can change colors fast, to become a reliable and secure source to trust any of your data.

Wouldn’t you trust him to become your go-to-platform to communicate by any means and send files?

Be an early adopter

Know me!

Our friendly name and logo have much more behind it to what it may look like. We’ve designed a secure communications hub that, as any other current App or software you are using, will allow you to send instant messages, make audio and video calls, share files and send emails.

But we’ve gone much further, to guarantee the security of your communications by developing an app that can be used by all and that can also be trusted by all.

With Qamilio safety in your communications is for granted.

*Hub and text message feature to be released soon.


These are the features you won’t find in most of your communications Apps:

These are the features you won’t find in most of your communications Apps:


No need to use telephone, email or personal data to register. Access will be through one only private key using your Metamask wallet.

Data privacy

Data won’t be owned by any third party and no one will be able to access or benefit from your data, your behavior… since no data will be collected.

Data safety

Information can’t be altered and it can’t be lost, as it’s kept in millions of computers but encrypted, so only you can see what it contains.

Limited storage needs

It only requires a limited storage from your device. Most information will be kept in the blockchain, not in your phone/PC.

No limits for transfers

File and data transferring won’t have any restrictions in terms of size. You’ll also be able to transfer any kind of file.

Non-stop service

Service will never drop and, by working on the blockchain, we ensure no one, individual, corporation or government, can ban the use of the service.

How Qamilio works?

Using Qamilio is easy and it will allow you to communicate in the safest way in the world.

Connect wallet

You just need a MetaMask wallet to log in into Qamilio, either through the web or the app.


Once inside, all the data you’ll share will be encrypted, end-to-end. Only sender and receiver are able to access it.


Data is stored in the blockchain, so lots of copies of your encrypted data are kept in unused hard disk space of users across the world.

Qamilio DApps development is backed up by PadLock token.
If you like the project, you can support it by trading PadLock tokens ($PDL) at PancakeSwap (0x16ecb992fb60def293dd6023e1f96ea39a73c194).

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